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Remove the sanctions on Zimbabwe

TITLE:  WHAT ABOUT US? To: U.S. President Barack Obama and the Congress of the United States Subject: REMOVE THE SANCTIONS ON ZIMBABWE  In 2001The 107th Congress of the United States passed (ZIDERA) Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001.  It’s targeted President Robert Mugabe, and the ZANU PF leadership hoping to bring about a change in Government.  In July, 2013 Zimbabweans exercised there sovereign right to vote in elections that were observed, and deemed free, and successful by African, Carribean, and many other nations.  Basic health, education (Zimbabwe's #1 in Africa) food, and  nutrition, housing, and the opportunity to work hard, and build a quality life for their families is what the masses deserve everywhere in the world.  Sanctions restricts foreign investments, loans, and some necessary aid assistance.  Isolates the country, creates, and maintains political, social, and economic divisions, methods used in attemps at regeime change.  However, more harm is done to the masses in the middle, being strangled slowly into submission, death or continued hardship.  This has to stop, Zimbabweans must, and will rise again.  You can help by signing our petition to President Barack Obama, and the Congress of the United States, to remove the sanctions on Zimbabwe. Thank you very much,  Ayotunde A. Akindele Sacramento, California U.S.A.
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