Relief to Hotel/Motel Owners From Crises aftermath Coronavirus

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Relief to Hotel/Motel Owners From Crises aftermath Coronavirus

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Started by Jan Gautam

Due To COVID -19 Pandemic unfolds, Our Hotel Industry is facing  huge challenges. This is the one of the biggest crises Hotels have seen. If we don't act now our industry will be ten years behind and our livelihood will be in danger.

COVID -19 Pandemic is impacting our properties, our employees and our future. At this time please consider relief package which can help hoteliers and future of the country. Our industry can saved by the following. 

1. Every Hotel/Motel Owner seeking  financial aids up to $  800,000 depending on property size. 

2. Six months of deferment in Loans and interest . Waive any defaults or any default interest. 

3. Waive Payroll Taxes,

4. Reduction in Franchise fees and no PIP on Franchise hotels for at least one year. 

5. Support relief from state & local property tax & business tax payments. 

6. CMBS Loans P&I deferred payments for six months.  

This will be a great relief for Hotel/Motel owners and will help our industry. Honorable President Trump is a Hotelier and understands how important these issues for our industry.   

God Bless America 

Jan Gautam ( Hotelier )

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This petition had 5,060 supporters

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