Ranked Choice Popular Vote “R​.​C​.​P​.​V.”

Ranked Choice Popular Vote “R​.​C​.​P​.​V.”

November 4, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by George Patrick

Ranked Choice Popular Vote:

We the people of the United States hereby agree that we need to update our voting system to “ranked choice popular voting”.

This form of voting is based off of the popular vote and ranking candidates in order of your preference of choice.

The calculations of the vote will be based off of. Who ever has the least amount of votes, Will be eliminated and whoever voted for them for their first order of choice their votes will go to their second candidate.

The system will continue until the last person is standing.

System will calculate after when the last voting booth is closed.

Mail in voting will have a deadline to be mailed in two weeks prior of the election.

This is the most fair type of election that you will be able to form up. Everyone’s vote will count it will be based off of the popular vote  and order of preference. Instead of forcing people to feel that they will have to either choose between a Republican or a Democrat. It will give the independent or third-party an opportunity to have a chance to win an election.

Common questions:

Concerns about the popular vote:

Won’t abolishing the electoral college and voting directly for president cause candidates to spend all their time in big cities?

This sounds like a reasonable fair, but ignores the mathematical reality of population distribution. There are 390 million people in the United States only 8 million of which lives in New York, New York, The largest city by far. That’s 2.6 of the total population. But after New York the size of cities drop fast. Los Angeles has 3.8 million people and in Chicago has 2.7 million people but you can’t even make it into the 10th biggest city San Jose before you are under 1 million people. These top 10 cities put together are only 7.9 of the population of the United States this is hardly enough make up the majority of popular vote to win the election. And even winning the next 90 biggest cities in the United States all the way down to Spokane it’s still not yet 20% of the total population. So unless there’s a city with a fewhundred million people hiding somewhere in America that has been left out of the census, The idea, that a candidate can just spend their campaign jetting between New York, L. A. and Chicago while  ignoring everyone else and still becoming president is mathematically Ludacris.

How can we ensure that a particular political party will not throw off the entire voting system?

Not everyone has the same political views across the entire United States who are part of a particular party, adding ranked choice voting will give people a more confidence in ensuring if they do vote for an independent or a third option candidate, this will in sure that their vote will not go to waste. because their second preferred vote will fall back on their second preferred candidate.

How do we know that the system would not end up being rigged?

By abolishing the electoral college we would have to do away with “gerrymandering”

What if a candidate gets 51% of the popular vote?

Mathematically for all the other candidates who are running for office if you compile there vote in to one. That would make up 49% of the overall votes so the candidate who got 51% won the election in a landslide.

What if there is only two candidates running for Office?

Then we would strictly base it off the popular vote.

What is an example other scenario of the style of voting?

The four candidates that are running:

  • candidate: yellow
  • candidate: orange
  • candidate: pink
  • candidate: green

Let’s say that you choose: Orange is your first candidate, yellow as your second choice, pink as your third Choice and green as your fourth Choice. As you’re a preferred ranking.

After when all the votes were counted for and the polls closed.


  • Yellow earned 35%
  • Red earned 21%
  • Pink earned 28%
  • Green earned 16%

Because nobody won more than 50%

The candidate with the fewest votes were eliminated.

The candidate who choose The eliminated candidate as their first choice their vote will go to their second choice. This will continue until a candidate receives more than half the vote.

Overall why should we do this?

 For we are the people of the United States the electoral college has evolved into the point where we have created political barriers and walls dividing the United States. And unintentionally created it’s own form of segregation. We are supposed to be the people of the United States. Our election systems, should reflect the voice and the views of the people who are voting for our leaders. For when we vote and when election day comes on that day it is supposed to be end it is a symbol and representation of us saying,

“For we the people of the United States have made a decision on who will be running our country and over our military. This person that we have together chosen and have confidence and will be the voice that represents our country.”

With that being said, without change in this  country to ensure people that their voice are heard and their vote matters we will continue to be divided.

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Signatures: 27Next Goal: 50
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