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Prescription drug prices causes more pain than actual sickness. fighting for a change

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The prices of prescription drugs in America is getting ridiculously high, we've heard talks about the government putting a fairness in the pharmaceutical industry but we need legislation not rhetoric.

The entire America is affected by the surging prices of pharmaceutical drugs, 70 % of Americans uses prescription drugs.If we are not the ones in need, we have a child or close family member whose life depends on prescription drug.Over the period of seven years drug price as skyrocketed to a 10 percent increase each year but in 2016 and 2017 certain generic drugs even went overboard by 500-6000 percentage increase.

 Take for example Emflaza,if it was imported from Canada or Germany the cost is $2000,it is now being manufactured in the US at a price of $89,000 a 6000% increase from its original price. Ursodiol a medication for treating patients with gallstone as also mounted to a 500% increase from wholesale price of 45 cents per capsule to $5.10 per capsule, Epinephrine has also mounted from a listed of $57 in 2009 to a staggering $600 without insurance. that is just to name a few. According to over 199 million American uses prescription drugs. How many Americans aren’t Insured? if not now for some we all will face medical expenses if not for ourselves maybe a child or a close family member. Insurance company are cutting back on coverage for high cost medication and consumers are forced to to change medication to brands that don't really work well for them. This means that people with chronic disease and severe allergic reaction will not be able to afford the tool to keep them alive.

my bother died from duchenne muscular dystrophy, life expectancey  with this desease is 20-30 years with regular treatment(Emflaza).with the high cost of this medication in the US ($89,000 per year) this price tag has triggered a dispute from the patient advocate. it has dropped to a price of $35,000 per year that is approximately $3,000 per month. My brother eventually succumbed to illness as we had to decide between food, rent or medication he missed a lot his treatments

 We demand the commissioner Dr Scott Gottlieb for a change, we don't want cheap medication we want the pricing to be realistic and fair. Laws are stronger than regulations.



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