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No Immigration Reform.

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The illegal immigrants that are in the United States are committing a felony act. They use fake and stolen ID's to rape our State and Federal programs and cost billions to tax payers. They do not deserve to have any form of immigration reform. Our current immgration laws are NOT broken, they need to be enforced and then changes to that for the 14th amendment so that these people do not have the right to automatic citizenship for their babies when born here. And then the fines for hiring illegal immigrants need to be at least $100,000.00 for each. Then take away ALL State and Federal assistance to them. We the People demand to come first. This is OUR Country and OUR Government.  We need the jobs and we do not need to be paying more taxes to support these people. And our borders need to be closed completely. Our government is not protecting Americans by not closing our borders. Our government has been aiding and abetting these criminals, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, for to long. We demand you listen to We the People.

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