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Investigate Zimmerman Jury Tampering

Jury tampering is the crime of unduly attempting to influence the composition and/or decisions of a jury during the course of a trial. In a statement by the Sheriff’s office, this was elaborated upon:Jurors watched television and movies, exercised at the hotel fitness center, and spent weekends being visited by family and friends. Juror B37 discussed in her aborted book deal: The potential book was always intended to be a respectful observation of the trial from my and my husband’s perspectives. How is it that her husband has a perspective strong enough to write a book on the subject?? given unsupervised access during the trial to his wife on the jury. Juror B37 has also admitted that the decision was reached with information not presented at the trial itself. Jury tampering is a third degree felony in Florida, punishable by up 
to five years in prison. We are asking this "Jury Tampering" be investigated and proper charges are filed. We will use B37's interview on AC360 and her subsequent statements as the basis for this investigation. Do the Right Thing Judge Nelson we Demand it based on the Evidence out of B37's own mou


B37 Verdict hinged on “Stand Your Ground” law, even though Zimmerman did not use it in his defense.  Verdict hinged on “Stand Your Ground” law, even though Zimmerman did not use it in his defense. On AC360 ANDERSON  COOPER asks:  Because of the two options you had, second degree murder or manslaughter, you felt neither applied? JUROR: Right. Because of the heat of the moment and the Stand Your Ground. He had a right to defend himself. If he felt threatened that his life was going to be taken away from him or he was going to have bodily harm, he had a right.   And although Zimmerman's attorneys did not use the state's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law in their defense this case was decided base upon that law.   B37 admitted  that she decided her verdict based on evidence that was supposed to be stuck from the record. Based on exposure to prejudicial material, at the very least, this juror should have been dismissed from duty. At the very most this should have been declared a mistrial as well as declared grounds for a new trial...   Judge  Nelson you ruled that the opinion-based testimony from the lead police investigator in the death of Trayvon Martin should be stricken from court records. Ultimately, You sided with the state, telling the jury, "That was an improper comment as to truth of veracity of another witness. The jury was told , "You are asked to disregard question and  answer." Yet this Jury, B37 in particular said on National TV that they considered testimony they legally should not have to arrive at the conclusion it did.   B37 said on National AC360 " TV think George was pretty consistent and told the truth, basically. I’m sure there were some fabrications, enhancements, but I think pretty much it happened the way George said it happened." This would imply that The State proved he is a liar or in the very least she knows he lied but chooses instead to overlook the lies and render a " Not Guilty" verdict in complete violation of the oath she took as age was sworn in as a juror.   B37 also stated that Trayvon was the Aggressor, she went on to remark that  “Trayvon got mad.” There was exactly zero evidence for that conclusion. Again making up her own conclusions and ignoring the evidence.   B37 also suggests in her AC360 interview that she  didn't understand the Law Yet this jury rendered a verdict NOT BASED ON FACT or a Clear understanding of the law. Unfortunately,   this issue has raised to a level that was not previously there to the same degree that it is now, is the unpredictability of the US justice system, and how that could potentially affect just about anyone, but particularly if you are black or a person of color, whether you are American, or visiting this Country.   I say this knowing full well the history of white supremacy and systemic discrimination in the US, but it appears to be getting worse.     B37 clearly had her mind made up before she entered the jury room and she said so. She skipped the entire “initial aggressor” part and only jumped to whether or not “George" was injured and/or feared for his life, that is NOT what the law required her to do and Trayvon, The victim should get a new trial because of this blatant  disregarding of jury instructions and oath  and rules of sequestration.  The most obvious signs of misconduct is that she references Stand Your Ground Laws, which were CLEARLY not a part of this case, in fact or in writing or in the jury instructions.     We also need to know whether or not B37 leaked " Jury Splits" with Frank Taffe who reported this information on The Nancy Grace show. How would he know with Accuracy what the jury was thinking while sequestered. This needs to be looked into as well as any communications with the  " Conservative Tree House" .   Also    There has been a question of where the rumor that B37′s hubby knows Mark O’Mara came from. George Zimmerman’s lead defense Attorney Mark O’ Mara is President of the Seminole County Bar ( and Juror B37 — a resident of Seminole Countyattorney husband presumably would be a member of the area bar association. This needs to be looked into. B37 looks to have perjured herself getting on the jury.                                       



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