Justice For Cecil: Help Fight Trophy Hunting!

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Justice For Cecil: Help Fight Trophy Hunting!

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In July 2015 a Minnesota man allegedly payed a park ranger £36,000 ($55,000) to kill one of Africa's most famous lions.

Cecil, who was about 13-years-old and part of a protected species, was lured out of Zimbabwe's biggest national park and then shot with a bow and arrow by the tourist.

The hunter then spent two days tracking the animal before killing it with a rifle.The corpse was then found skinned with the head butchered off along with a tracking collar, which they unsuccessfully tried to hide.”

The ranger accused of accepting the £36,000 ($55,000) bribe, has been identified, the Times reported.

The gamekeeper was said to have been paid to encourage Cecil to stray over Hwange National Park's boundaries, enabling the hunter to shoot him without fear of prosecution.

Police and Zimbabwe Parks Authority both declined to comment on the allegations, which were made by the Zimbabwe Conservation Taskforce.

This is not OK. Please help us hold "Walter Palmer" responsible for the murder of a protected animal, and help create new laws that protect big game from being hunted as sport starting with a ban on big game "trophies" being shipped back in to the states.

Thank you for your support.

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