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We Got Your Six is a homeless veteran transition program on a mission to help end the veteran homeless problem facing our community. This organization means the world to me, because I not only served our country, but I was a homeless veteran. So I take this subject very personal and I've made it my personal mission to help get the homeless veterans who want the help, get the help they need. We will be building 3 facilities here in Texas; Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Each will house 200 men and women while they go through our transition program. We have several programs that make up the We Got Your Six program; credit repair, resume building workshops, job placement assistance, counseling, equine therapy, housing assistance, and financial management. 

But we need the government to get behind our program and help. We have been applying for grants and federal aide, but haven't had any luck. These men and women fought for our country, now we need to fight for them. 

Not only will our program help with the homeless veteran problem, but it will help put people back into the work force, and help strengthen the economy. So it helps with several problems our communities are facing.