Help America Continue Its 117 Years-Old Tradition

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You know the feeling

It's been a long day of work. Grueling, exhausting, all you want is just to melt between your sheets as The Office plays in the background.

Well, guess what? You can't. At least not yet.

You still have to make it through this 5 PM traffic jam... just 2. More. Miles...

As you walk towards your house, you realize that this long day has taken a toll on your soul and drained your energy, but as you get closer to the door, you hear it.

The excitement, the love, the emotion.

You put in the key into the hole, turn the knob and BAM! It happens.

You're greeted in a way that only a creature that loves you more than it loves itself can.

In a display of utter joy, he or she charges towards you like a raging bull through the streets of Pamplona and in one swift motion he jumps on your arms causing a chain reaction that just like a battery replenishes your soul and recharges you with energy.

There it is.

Your loyal companion. Your best friend. Your dog.

No matter how long the days at work are or how grueling the traffic is, your dog knows exactly what to do to bring joy back into your life.

The face-licking. The tail-wagging. The shoe-chewing.

Now, the state of this beautiful country is in jeopardy.

If we don't do something today, there may be no tomorrow.

It's been over a year since this great nation got a new president and a lot of things have changed, but one really stands out, that, if not acted upon immediately, could change the course of this nation forever!

President Donald Trump is the first President Of The United States since 1901 to live at the White House without a pet.

A tradition that has been part of American history for the past 117 years has been broken.

And it's our duty as Americans to make America great again!

How you ask? Simple:

By providing The White House with the unconditional heart-melting love only a dog, the staple of the American family can offer.

Just picture this, imagine how the World would change if The President Of This Great Nation were to be greeted every time he walked into the White House by a ball of pure joy, hair, and love?

That looks like a pretty awesome future, eh?

Imagine a World without wars, leashless puppies, and endless treats.

Well, you my friend, can do something about it TODAY!

Leave your mark engraved in history by signing this petition which will help bring a dog to the White House.

BUT not any dog... we need a special dog for the job

One with the abilities to meet presidential standards.

We need the goodest of boys with the waggiest tail and the softest fur.

And guess what my friend? We've found it!

From the beautiful state of Indiana comes Smoochie!

A Goldendoodle that's ready to Make America Great Again

A dog that will change the world by bringing eternal joy to The President Of The United States

And you can be part of that change right now in less than 47 seconds.

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign this petition
  2. Share it with your friends and family
  3. Go treat your pet to lots of hugs, kisses, and cuddles 

Together we can make this pawsible!

Are you in?

Thank you,

-Kris Rotonda

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