Have Fort Hood investigated for the sex based crimes and disappearances of soldiers.

Have Fort Hood investigated for the sex based crimes and disappearances of soldiers.

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I am creating this petition in light of United States Army Private First Vanessa Guillen’s body possibly being found pending identification.

Vanessa Guillen, a 20-year-old soldier, was last seen on April 22 in a parking lot on the Fort Hood Army Base in central Texas. Three weeks before her disappearance, Vanessa Guillen told her mother that she was being sexually harassed and followed by an Army sergeant, but was afraid to report him.

Recently another soldier, Gregory Wedel-Morales, was found in the same area that Vanessa’s body may have been found. Morales disappeared in August 2019 and the army listed him as deserted. Morales had 2 weeks left of his contract.

Isn’t it odd that within less than a year, Fort Hood has 2 soldiers who mysteriously disappeared and were found deceased in the same area?

With that being said I want to share PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson’s story even if it was not in Texas . United States Army Private First Class LaVena Lynn Johnson was murdered, raped, tortured, and ruled a suicide in 2005. PFC LaVena Johnson was only 19 years old.

15 years later, many victims in the military are still being raped, murdered, officially covered up, and ruled a suicide.

Our soldiers deserved to be safe and respected while being on duty. It’s time that many of these crimes are brought to light. It’s time for a full and thorough investigation into what really happened and hold those who committed these crimes against these service men and women accountable. If our government leaders say they care so much about our military, then it’s time they showed us by using their positions to make a difference, to bring justice.

They protect us, who will protect them?

sign my petition, bring justice to our troops.