Free an American Hero from overseas detainment!

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Dear Sir or Madam,
Jesse, is currently being held by authorities in Dubai. He was returning from his Contract job in Afghanistan on or about October 12th when Jesse had a layover in Dubai and was detained. We are seeking help from our government to secure Jesse’s release. We have been in contact with the Embassy and understand they have inquired about his well-being but no further assistance. Jesse served honorably for 11 ½ years, with five forward deployments before being Medically Honorably Retired from the United States military. After his medical retirement Jesse found he could not support his family any longer on the limited income. Jesse decided to serve his Country once more, working for a government contractor. Jesse is being held by a system where he is unable to understand the language or proceedings and does not have anyone to advocate for him. Jesse is a father, husband, son, brother; but most importantly Jesse is an American Veteran and American Citizen of the United States. To that end Jesse served his Country with honor, and we ask his Country serve him now. Jesse's family has a long tradition of warfighters. Over 200 years of American Citizens who took up the call to serve, including his sisters, serving/served in the United States Marines, and Father 34 years of Service United States Navy. His love for his family is only matched by his love for GOD & Country.
Jesse gave up food in order to have a few moments on the phone to call home because he is more concerned with his family than of his own welfare, that’s the kind of man he is and just one reason we are fighting for his freedom. As a Retired Hospice Chaplain his mom supports all who serve, those with boots on the ground and those who have returned home, as well as their families and loved ones left behind. She has given hope to husbands, wives, sons, daughters and parents, that their loved ones would safely return, and even comfort as they lay their loved one's to rest. Now it is her duty to give hope to Jesse’s Family, the hope that he can return to them. She will not quit until her son, Jesse, is free and back on U.S. soil. As a Chaplain and Navy Force Ombudsman (and after) her duty has been to watch out for the well-being of our servicemen and women and their families. With our combined dedication to this Country, its founding principles and our service to our Nation, we implore our government to take all measures to return this American hero (he would NOT allow being called a hero .. he reserves that for those who gave their all) to his family. We cannot leave him in the hands of the Dubai government. We are calling for the immediate and unconditional release of this American Veteran, Jesse. The United States of America cannot allow this detainment of an American to continue. Jesse served his Country honorably and admirably, it is now the United States Government's duty to seek his immediate release. Jesse’s wife and children are holding vigil & fearful for his treatment. We do not wish to imagine the pain and suffering Jesse may be enduring. It is with great respect for our government and our Country, that we ask you to contact the UAE government and Dubai officials and seek Jesse’s immediate release. Bring Jesse home to the family that loves him.

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