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Equal civil rights for Native Americans

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The only Race that must have an I'd card with crooked political tribal entities making decisions on peoples based on greed. Native American peoples are the only race that must have an I'd card to be reduced into a math equation called the CDIB or certificate degree of Indian blood. Sadly each tribe has different standards and the facts remain that their is 540 federally recognized tribes yet 75 percent of native Americans do not belong to them per the 2010 and 2008. End is numbers. Goverment does not have the right to determine race it is god given as it is also a spiritual and cultural element. Many high percentage native peoples belong to one or more tribes yet can only register with one therefore a full blooded native may not meet the requirements for either tribe if their parents are of different tribes this math problem called the crib or certificate of Indian blood is the government elietes way of looking up ra I am divisions between federal n non fed tribes as well as to divide the people illegally in violation of our bill of rights and constitutional and god given rights. End DC s and casino tribe control of race and hand the god given right back to the native American peoples.. We are not math problem we ate people why should we have cards to I'd our race as a minority when their is no card to be African American, or Latino? So why just us and why a math problem, end the CDIB violation of our civil rights end government control of only ONE RACE, may the great spirit bless you, principle chief Mark Nightwolf Woodland Band Cherokee 40000 strong! Contact by text at 865 469 0910 be the change! Stand with Chief Nightwolf

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