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Disband The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF)

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When is the ‘Trump Era’ administration going to do a complete and permanent ‘REVERSAL’ on the entire ATF itself, as he promised to do with feckless, useless, out of control, dangerous, money-wasting and redundant agencies? Why haven't they started repeals of illegal, unconstitutional gun-control laws? Let us start with the obsolete, Fascist 1934 National Firearms Act. Let's follow with the Totalitarian Gun Control Act of 1968. These laws are insidiously helping tyrannical regimes to quietly disarm the populace, by eventually enacting laws where targeted political opposition will become criminals, subjecting their weapons to confiscation, so these populations end up not capable of resisting an invasion of any sort; either that of a household or that of a state's police force.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) has not been a legitimate Law Enforcement Agency for some time:
August 21, 1992, Incident at Ruby Ridge, which began with Randy Weaver, a white separatist, had been targeted by the federal government after failing to appear in court to face charges related to his entrapment sale of two 'illegal?' sawed-off shotguns to an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) informant. On August 21, 1992, after a period of surveillance, U.S. marshals came upon Harrison; Weaver; Weaver’s 14-year-old son, Sammy; and the family dog, Striker, on a road near the Weaver property. A marshal shot and killed the dog, prompting Sammy to fire at the marshal. In the ensuing gun battle, Sammy and U.S. Marshal Michael Degan were shot and killed. A tense standoff ensued, and on August 22 the FBI joined the marshals besieging Ruby Ridge. Later that day, Harris, Weaver, and his daughter, Sarah, left the cabin, allegedly for the purpose of preparing Sammy’s body for burial. FBI sharpshooter Lon Horiuchi, waiting 200 yards away, opened fire. Horiuchi wounded Weaver, and the group ran to the shed where Sammy’s body was lying. When they attempted to escape back into the cabin, Horiuchi fired again, wounding Harrison as he dove through the door and killing Vicki Weaver, who was holding the door open with one hand and cradling her infant daughter with the other. In 1993, Weaver and Harris were acquitted by a federal court on murder, conspiracy, and other charges related to Degan’s death, but Weaver was convicted of failing to appear for trial on the firearms charge. In 1994, the two men filed federal civil rights cases against the FBI and U.S. marshals stemming from the siege, and in 1995 the government settled Weaver’s case for $3.1 million. (BATF & FBI weren't out of line? Horse-hockey!)
February 28, 1993, Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raid the Branch Davidian cult compound in Waco, Texas, prompting a gun battle in which four agents and six cult members are killed. The federal agents were attempting to arrest the leader of the Branch Davidians, David Koresh, on information that the religious sect was stockpiling weapons. The agent could have arrested Koresh 2 hours earlier without incident, but chose not to, instead raiding the compound. The ensuing Waco siege, a 51-day standoff between Branch Davidians and federal agents ended in an assault on April 19, 1993. During the attack, a fire engulfed Mount Carmel Center. In total, 76 people died, including David Koresh.
2009 - The project that became known as Fast and Furious began in November 2009 and took place out of the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' (ATF) office. Gun-buyers, many of whom the feds suspected were criminals, were permitted to take firearms purchased in the U.S. and walk into Mexico without interference from agents; the intention was that once the guns were sold to powerful drug cartels, the ATF would later trace the firearms. Whistleblowers and investigators, however, found no attempt to trace the guns.
Some ATF agents became concerned the weapons were being used for crimes; e.g. on Dec. 14, 2010, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed during a gunfight. It was later learned that guns used in the shootout were involved in the Fast and Furious operation.
More than 2,000 guns were sold to suspected criminals thought to be linked to Mexican drug gangs in the two years of the operation under the Obama presidency. A similar operation took place years before under the Bush administration. Called "Operation Wide Receiver," it also failed in tracking down gun and drug traffic.
Agents came forward in 2010 to speak with Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican from Iowa who was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Grassley began to work with GOP Rep. Darrell Issa of California, who chaired the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. ATF director Ken Melson, who would later be moved to a different position, began talking secretly with Grassley and Issa.
Following moves by the White House to use executive privilege in an attempt to halt eMails related to the case, and contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General Eric Holder in 2012, many documents were finally handed over to Issa’s House Oversight Committee in November 2014.
Emails from Holder reveal his contempt for the committee — he refers to Issa "and his idiot cronies," the Wall Street Journal reported.
Emails released to Judicial Watch, a group that filed suit to obtain legal documents from the Justice Department, show Holder’s direct involvement with officials throughout the Justice Department and the ATF in how to handle congressional inquiries and ways to format talking points about Fast and Furious.
The operation started to fall apart inside as U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, who headed the Phoenix office, became angry with Special Agent John Dodson for reporting on the bungled program before Congress.
Burke, who was later forced to resign in 2011, leaked information about Dodson’s activities in the operation to Fox News. An inspector general’s report cited Burke’s actions in violation of Justice Department policy.
It has been alleged by the National Rifle Association and the New American that the killing of hundreds of Mexicans and even some U.S. law enforcement officers because of the Fast and Furious program was going to be used by the Barack Obama administration as an excuse for more gun control.
In these events, and numerous others, involving BATF agents, as well as involving FBI agents, all involved not only escaped any kind of punishment, but were well compensated, highly decorated and subsequently fast-tracked to obviously undeserved promotions. BATF currently stands as a self-contained criminal enterprise on its own merit.

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