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Dear Mr. President, Our Children Need Rehabilitation, NOT Incarceration

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If you believe in Rehabilitation NOT Incarceration for our loved ones who have been jailed for merely possessing their drug of choice, or for addiction related crimes rather than receiving treatment for their disease, please sign our petition to President Trump. Our children are being locked up, sometimes in isolation, and kept in jail with violent offenders rather than being treated. They are forced to go through withdrawals without any medical assistance, some even dying as they go through the detoxification process.

Dear President Trump,

We are writing to you as parents, members of a group of 81,000 mothers and fathers, who are watching our children be put in jail, forced to go through detox without any medical assistance, and suffering without any treatment whatsoever. Per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMHSA), addiction is a disease requiring medical assistance and treatment.

We would like to ask you to implement a better model of treatment for the 85% of all prisoners who are in jail for substance use disorder and their related crimes. Please consider these facts as you consider helping us get a better model put in place:

Rehabilitation not Incarceration:

·       Up to 85% of all prisoners are incarcerated due to addiction related crimes. 

·       Individuals incarcerated in prisons and jails for drug-related activities have limited or no access to structured treatment programs to include therapy for the disease of addiction, leading to a very high recidivism rate. 

·       Only 1/3 of our nation’s prisons offer Integrated Treatment programs to inmates diagnosed with Co-occurring Disorders. These individuals have no opportunity to recover from the disease and will likely relapse.

·       The addicted person would benefit from rehabilitation and treatment rather than incarceration as is possible through the programs such as the very successful Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.), which was started in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Programs like P.A.A.R.I. need to be implemented nation-wide.

·       Few programs operate with the Harm Reduction model, which includes Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), along with therapy, per SAMHSA, and offers the best opportunity for recovery.

 Thank you for your time and attention to this catastrophic problem for our young people and our families.  We respectfully ask that you support Rehabilitation, not Incarceration.


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