Create a holiday in honor of Ella Baker

Create a holiday in honor of Ella Baker

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​Ella Baker was a Civil Rights Movement era activist who worked with notable organizations such as SNCC, NAACP, and SCLC. She believed the movement was an important force, not just for the freedom of black people, but for all people.  A day in honor of Ella Baker would not only bring much needed attention to the contributions of women and women of color, but it would also recognize Baker as one of this nation's greatest activists who worked tirelessly to better the living conditions and opportunities for those less fortunate.

President Biden referred to Ella Baker in the opening of his 2020 Democratic National Convention speech when he said: "Ella Baker, a giant of the civil rights movement, left us with this wisdom: Give people light and they will find a way."

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We suggest this proclamation for adoption 

WHEREAS, Ms. Ella Jo Baker, 1903-1986, served this great nation as a leader, educator, and activist on behalf of underprivileged communities; and

WHEREAS, Baker was the granddaughter of enslaved Africans; and

WHEREAS, Baker strongly advocated that the common (wo)man, not solely recognized leaders, are the backbone of this country; and

WHEREAS, Baker is a model for working across party lines and ideological differences to build strong, effective coalitions; and

WHEREAS, Baker dedicated her life to serving those less fortunate by participating in a broad base of organizations including but not limited to the American Federation of Labor, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the New York Public Library, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and the Voter Education Project; and

WHEREAS, the United States Postal Service honored Baker with a postage stamp as part of a special issue commemorating Civil Rights Pioneers; and

WHEREAS, numerous historical and other scholarly texts have documented Baker's lifelong participation in social movements; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting to recognize Ms. Ella Jo Baker as one of our nation’s greatest unsung heroes, as loved and appreciated by all those who had the opportunity to work alongside her, as an eternal believer in the potential, dignity, and importance of all people, and as an honorable and dedicated citizen; and

WHEREAS, April 16th marks the weekend that Ella Baker helped the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) come to fruition;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the residents of the United States, do suggest the recognition of April 16 as Ella Baker Day in the United States of America and call the attention of all our citizens.


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