Cancel Military parade and use funds for Veteran’s assistance

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President Trump plans to spend up to 12 million dollars on a military parade as a way to show support for our military veterans.

I propose that we spend that money on assistance for veterans in need instead. If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately I’m sure you’ve seen how many veterans are in need of help. I believe that using the money proposed for the parade to help service members and their families would be a step in the right direction.

For that reason, I think the 12 million dollars President Trump plans to spend on a parade that does nothing to help veterans; should instead be used to assist military families in need. Whether it be housing, food, housing supplies, medical assistance, etc. The money should be spent on showing our service members that they do matter. Not to put on a parade that lasts for a few hours. But to make a lasting impact on families who’ve sacrificed so much for us.

If you believe that this money would be put to better use by helping service members and their families, I implore - please sign my petition. Let’s show them how grateful we truly are.