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Cancel Deportation Order Against Pedro Richard Cruz-Ruiz father of two

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On December 9th, 2017 my husband's lawyer's office called to deliver the bad news that the lawyer can longer cancel his deportation order that he has been cancelling every year in order to obtain an Employment Authorization Card. My husband and I have been together since September 27th, 2008 we met at No Name Pub in Big Pine Key, Florida. I already had a daughter of age 16 months at that time from a previous very abusive relationship. We fell in love immediately and have been inseparable ever since. We got married in January of 2010 never thinking he would become a legal resident. Pedro also known as Richard was brought here by his father in the year of 2000 illegally to pursue a better life for himself and attend school. He was a minor but yet that fact does not matter all people see is he entered illegally.  When his father was struggling to make enough money for his family Richard decided to quit school and started to work two jobs. He had worked at No Name Pub for over 13 years and also with Winn Dixie for a few years off and on. After we married about 4 years later we decided to just try talking to lawyers and see what we could do. Richard had obtained a license years ago but the paper he signed was agreeing that he would leave after the year was over, Richard was not aware it stated this and signed it because he did not want to drive illegally to and from work. So now we were faced with cancelling that deportation order in order to obtain his employment card which also granted him a social security number as well as a temporary driver's license. Richard and I have been doing this every single year as well as myself requesting he be able to stay forever but that process could take years the lawyer said. After my husband got his social security and license cards he right away knew he wanted to adopt the daughter he had been taking care of for so many years (8 years to be exact) whose father never paid more than $600 in her whole life. So right away we did what needed to be done in order for her to share our last name and it worked! Kylee is now Richard's daughter in all ways. In 2016 we said since Richard is legal now lets try for a baby of our own after waiting 9 years to make sure he would be able to stay in the US. To our surprise it took and Rosabella was born on July 21st, 2017. Our children are our pride and joy and we will do anything to keep our family together. In September of this year we lost all of our belongings to Hurricane Irma and were forced to leave the Florida Keys and reside with my brother until we found our home which we are about to move into December 15th, 2017 but now we do not know what our future holds. I Brianna Cruz cannot work due to no childcare and nursing my newborn baby. My first daughter Kylee can not handle anymore hurt in her life after losing everything this year and uprooting her life. Life without her father in the USA would cause extreme emotional distress. Mentally my daughter is unstable because of the storm and her father in fear of deportation. And myself I deal with PTSD. I also combat chronic depression after my sister was brutally murdered when I was 14 years old also pregnant at that time. My mental state can not handle life without my husband. My husband has also paid his taxes worked two jobs to support us and owns two cars so we can get around to all of my doctor appointments. He would give his friends and family the shirt off his back if they needed it because he is that nice of a person  he does not deserve this and needs to stay to take care of his family. He has no criminal record and would be a model citizen if ever granted the title. He is the sole economic provider for his family. Richard deserves the chance to present his case before Immigration Court with a council he speaks English and has no criminal history. He volunteers every week at my brother's church to help out in children's ministry. He has many friends and co workers writing letters to state his devotion to work, family and, friends. We need our story to be heard and for Richard to obtain a pardon and hearing to present his case ASAP to become legal indefinitely. Please sign this if not for us for our babies!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless,

Brianna Cruz-Ruiz

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