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Ban Primate Testing in the United States!

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The U.S, other than Gabon, is the only other country to allow the testing of chimpanzees. The U.S. imprisones more than 125,000 primates in laboritories to be tested on, both physically and mentally. They undergoe terrifying and brutal experiments, and nearly 90% of those tested primates end up with some abnormal affects or even in the graveyard.


Primates are either born into, cargoed from other facilities, or taken out of the wild and into laboritories. Babies born into laboritories are seperated from their mothers, never to be seen again. Babies born in the wild are taken from their mothers who are then later caught and killed. The babies then end up in filthy cages with barely any food or water. The cages in which they live in barely give them any room to sit, much less stand or get their necessary excersise. After a traumitizing flight, they end up in laboritories in either the U.S, Israel, or Europe. These primates then spend the rest of their lonely lives without any contact or communication with other primates. This leads them to insanity; seeing monkeys doing consistent backflips isn't uncommon to see in a primate testing facility. Additionally, what was once thought only to be seen in humans, some monkeys and other primates make suicidal attempts; some are known to pull out their hair and biting their own flesh. 


The primates are put through a number of both physically and mentally painful tests, such as:

-Vaccine Tests: Primates are given deadly diseases and then are forced to use experimental vaccines which almost 100% of the time don't work.

-Invasive Brain Experiments: Some primates' skulls are cut into to get to the brain. They also have many harmful machinery drilled into their heads to test their brain cells.

-Maternal-Deprivation Experiments: As said before, many facilities deprive babies of their mothers and see how this will later impact their lives. This causes stress, insanity, and even suicidal attempts.

and more.


We asked you to sign this petition not for us, but for the thousands of primates suffering in testing sites. Tell the president to ban primate testing!


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