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Asking the U.S. administration to clarify its position regarding the Bucharest mega-mosque

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Mr. President:

We, the undersigned American citizens and residents, many of Romanian heritage, ask for your help in clarifying the official position of the U.S. administration regarding the following issue:

Two years ago, in Romania, against the wishes of the people and by pushing through the existing laws, Victor Ponta, then prime-minister, imposed a resolution (372/2015) ceding to Turkey three acres of land in the heart of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, in contradiction to the Constitution (Art.3.1, 3.4). This land is supposed to be used by Turkey in order to build an Islamic compound. Foremost, it would include a huge mosque, with a capacity of at least 1,500 people, in an area that has less than a hundred Muslims, most likely an “If you build it, they will come” notion meant to invite droves of Muslims into a country with only about 60,000 Muslim citizens, representing 0.3% of the population, and mostly located near the Black Sea, hours from the capital. That area has already received a massive influx of Saudi funds resulting in overkill Wahhabi mosques towering over hamlets with a handful of Muslim residents. Not to be outdone, Turkey proposes to undertake the construction of Europe's largest mosque (except for its own Blue Mosque) in the capital of the EU country with the largest percentage of practicing Christians.

It is projected to contain a training center (athletic, allegedly), an Islamic library, conference halls and a room-and-board complex for “guests”. The entire system would be practically off-limits to non-Muslims and under Turkish control. All this, at a time when Turkey is officially governed in accordance to the lyrics for which Recep Tayyip Erdogan got sentenced to jail for Islamist propaganda: “Mosques are our barracks,/Domes are our helmets,/Minarets are our bayonets, and/The Muslim believers are our soldiers.”

Romanian authorities deny the people’s demands for a city-wide referendum regarding this project.

The 3 acre-plot belonged to Romanian prince Constantin Brancoveanu, heir to the crown of Eastern Roman emperors, martyred by the Turks together with his four sons and his advisor. He was tortured at length, made to watch the beheading of his sons, of which the youngest was 12, and then he was beheaded himself, all because they would not renounce their Christian faith. It happened in 1715, on the Feast of St. Mary and his own birthday (exactly 300 years prior to Administrative Act 372, mentioned above), but it has quite a current, ISIS-style, ring to it nowadays, does it not? It was but one of the many criminal acts Turks perpetrated against Romanians in the name of Islam, for which they never apologized. On the contrary, their praises are still sung in history textbooks, as glorious and notable deeds. To illustrate this dynamic, just between 1800 and 1815, Turkish raids in four Romanian counties (in the province of Oltenia) caused about 10,000 victims, for which Turkey never apologized, either. Actually, the culprits are still held in regard for massacring unarmed civilians, because they were Christian “infidels”.

To put this into perspective, an Islamic center built on the land of a martyr killed in the name of Islam (and later canonized by the Orthodox Church) would be akin to  the one proposed not long ago in your own home town as a replacement for the Towers brought down by Islamic terror. Instead of the memorial that honors the victims of the carnage, as well as the supreme sacrifice of New York’s finest and bravest, who laid down their lives in the line of duty, a center that vindicates the creed of those who murdered them?

Before their electorate, some Romanian politicians stated that this mosque controlled by Turkey MUST be built in Romania, against the will of Romanians, because…it is the wish of the U.S. administration, and the U.S. ambassador to Romania supports it. We need to mention here that a great deal of the Turkish citizens (which include Kurdish victims of ethnic persecution) who arrived to Romania in the past few decades fled their native land in order to escape the growing islamization of the country and the increasingly dictatorial and violent policies of that state. Their fears are confirmed by Turkey’s behavior in recent years. Exporting Turkish instability and Islamic extremism into Romania, one of the most reliable U.S. allies in the area, is a very serious act.

Unfortunately, those politicians were at least somewhat right, as Ambassador Klemm openly advanced the Islamic proclivities of the former administration, which he combined with the agenda of the establishment he represents, as he systematically exceeded the bounds of diplomatic civility, insulting the Christian sensibilities of the Romanian people with patronizing pontification, or by publicly taking a stand against the territorial integrity of the nation in which he is posted, and pushing for illegal immigration and forced migrant quotas inside the borders of a country in which he is a guest, one who represents the U.S.(all distinctive matters, mentioned here as pertinent, yet without elaborating, as they do not constitute the main object of this document).

Again, as long as that was the line of that administration, we understand even as we disapprove. As any open-source officer can confirm, such policies squandered an enormous capital of good-will Romanians naturally harbored towards the U.S. , traditionally regarded as the champion of the free world, the anti-Communist power that stared down the Evil Empire. Those of us who live here were always aware that the establishment does not speak for the American people. Like most Europeans caught in a similar struggle with the globalist elites that govern them, Romanians welcomed the new U.S. administration and hoped to see a significant transformation in the U.S. Embassy, with a staff sharing or at least respecting their values, as most of your appointees do, as opposed to the same-old from deep-state moles that sabotage and resist the changes we all expect. 

Mr. President, we respectfully beseech you to relay to the Romanian leadership, preferably through a new ambassador, that the United States and this American administration do NOT support a project like the one described above, nor do they condone having anything imposed onto a sovereign nation, especially when it is contrary to its constitution, but they do support listening to the will of the people regarding decisions that pertain to public interest. Please include these pronouncements in an official statement that the public may access.

Yours gratefully,



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