Remove Andrew Chabrol from Arlington National Cemetery.

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BM2 Melissa Harrington was sexually harassed by LT Andrew Chabrol, her division officer. On July 9th, 1991 he abducted her outside her home and took her to his house. With an accomplice, he bound,v raped, tortured and murdered her in a sapre bedroom. No one believed Melissa or her co worker when they went to them for assistance. When she didn't show up for work, they doubted Chabrol had her. After the police received a warrant and caught Chabrol he was convicted and sentenced to death. Upon his execution, he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Each year, on Memorial Day, a flag is placed on his grave. A continuous injustice to BM2 Harrington.

For the thousands of women that have been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed in the military and their families that have dealt with the ramifications of military sexual trauma, the removal of Andrew Chabrol, a dishonorable member of the military who kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered a BM2 Melissa Harrington, former shipmate and active duty Sailor, would serve as an example to all woman that violence against women in the military will not be tolerated. It would be a small but important, gesture to all women dealing with MST that regardless of previous inaction, the military is prepared to begin necessary actions to correct years of marginalization, harrassment,  abuse and violence women experienced at the hands of their shipmates and the lack of justice from their chain of commands. I, and many of my friends, are survivors of MST and live every day knowing the military could have done more to believe us and protect us.

Melissa's death was preventable.

Remove Andrew Chabrol from the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.