A true story! Seeking Justice in NJ, may cost your life!

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My fellows in Freedom and Justice, you must watch the above video!! This needs to go viral!! It's for our national interest to do so!

Our Domestic enemies are in hot pursuit; all day long they press their attack against our Bill of Rights.

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Some of you, may know about my 16 years going on case against the local government corruption in Warren, NJ, with Sheriff Provenzano, Wells Fargo, and other criminals involved with unlawfully stealing of my property by foreclosure fraud for their own personal interests.

I have been fighting pro-per against the entire corrupt judicial system of Somerset county, NJ, since no lawyer will touch my case because they are all buddies with these criminal officials, including judges who have denied me my Seventh Amendment, a right to a jury to prove my case, because I have accumulated too much evidence that any jury would rule in my favor have gone too far.

It's a fact that in our Justice System, there is no such thing a Due process of law, for victims of government tyranny!

By signing this petition, you are asking to the Federal and N.J. State Authorities for empanelment of a Special Grand Jury of my peer, to investigate the Overwhelming of Tangible Forensic Evidences of my case and the fact that they conspired to hurt or kill me.

 As you can see in the above embedded video, I made many attempt to get justice through the District Court of NJ, I filed a Constitutional Criminal Complaint which so far is being ignored! We no longer have a judicial system that contains the integrity of justice and follows the supreme law of our land, the Bill of Rights.

 I can tell you that from my personal experience being one of the People, one of you! A victims of illegal preceding, where I have been deprived and robbed of my equity and life savings that I had sacrificed for through hard work. (Don't take for granted what you own, they are coming for you too. Who's going to stop them?? ) 

Justice need to prevail always!!

This petition need your generous support in signing and sharing it.

It's time that “We the People” take back our courts! It's evident by watch the above embedded video until the end, that we are all under the Illusion that we live in a free country and that the US legal system is fair, impartial and actually enforce the laws designed to protect the rights of the more vulnerable members of our society. I hope that the above embedded video will wake up many of Americans who are still under the Illusion that we live in a free country. My family's lives have been destroyed by the negligent and voluntary criminal actions of the local cabal who are exposed in above embedded video. 

Note: If you are a “Victim” of any type of constitutional violations, fraud… etc. Please sign this petition and live a comment about your case, so that your case can be part of an investigation. 

Any of your generous assistance and support in this matter will be greatly appreciated! Every person counts.

Respectfully in Justice, 
Thomas Gage