Load Shedding Must Fall, Now!!

Load Shedding Must Fall, Now!!

9 November 2021
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The load-shedding at Eskom is tripling our struggling economy and the SMME’s and schools are the hardest affected during this time of the year. This is an incompetence of the highest order, during summer when we do not currently consume a lot of electricity but we have power cuts for up-to 6 hours a day.

This can only illustrate how winter of 2022 will look like if we do not bring change at Eskom, we are currently in the middle of a summer season with Stage 4 load shedding, this can only mean during the next winter season we will surely be on stage 10 or 12, with at least up-to 16 hours without electricity a day because of high electricity consumption during winter season. 

We must come together as South Africans to demand accountability from the President, Government and Eskom, we can’t afford to keep quiet any longer, our businesses are suffering, our economy is struggling, job losses and looming retrenchments, schools are affected and our lives in general are affected by this periodic power cuts through out the country for up-to 6 hours daily. 

We demand the immediate removal of the following people, as part of the accountability process because they have failed to keep the lights on at Eskom:

Public Enterprises Minister - Pravin Gordon 

Eskom Board - Chairperson and all other Board Members

Chief Executive Officer - Andre De Ruyter

Chief Operating Officer - Jan Oberholzer

The next people to be appointed as CEO and COO, should be given proper timelines and performance targets, if they cannot deliver in time and within specific targets, they must be dismissed. Eskom cannot continue to pay salaries to incompetent individuals like the current CEO and the COO. 

We demand change at Eskom now, enough is enough! Load-shedding must fall!!! 


This petition made change with 66,311 supporters!

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