Stop political vandals from destroying our homes and property. #ProtectOurHomes

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Dear Friends!

My name is Debashish Reang, an undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (more popularly known as IIT Kanpur). This petition concerns a series of events that recently happened to my family.

Do you remember the Lok Sabha Elections? The media reports of the historic win flooding our Twitter and Facebook feeds. Numerous outlets reported elaborately about people's verdict, and all other creative media were used to capture the emotion of the people and the country. I was personally happy about the wave of change going throughout the country.

The win also brought in a series of unpleasant rather horrific events into my life. As someone who was born just at the brink of the 21st century, I have a firm belief in our system and most importantly, the Constitution of India, which I read about in detail in school. I have the audacity of asking for what's guaranteed to me by the Constitution. The familiar phrase that none is above the law still rings a bell.

A few weeks ago, my family had escaped what the media would have called a "mass-murder." A group of political vandals came to our home in the middle of the night and wrecked it. Not only that, they smashed the glasses of what used to be the only car we owned. My parents now live in someone else's home because of the fear that these might happen again. Hearing this broke my heart. I do not know who to reach out for help. I can only hope that this petition makes a difference.

When I first heard about the incident, I was angry but clueless at the same time. After a discussion with my father, I realized that this happened because dad happens to be in the opposition party. He told me that he asked for police protection so that my family can at least live at peace at home. But, the administration is doing nothing about it. I am discouraged from visiting them because they feel it is unsafe for me to go back home. The people associated with such a cheap act are still free because you see, they happened to vote for the ruling party. So, it is up to them to treat others how they wish. It is only a matter of time before another such incident takes place.

I have the few questions that hopefully this petition will get me answers. These events make me wonder about what happened to the Law and Order in the state of Tripura. How can the Chief Minister of the state not take note of such an incident and take corrective measures? Has partisan taken over people's hearts and minds that they disregard fundamental human rights? Is the life of an individual in the hands of a party or a government or the Chief Minister? If the state government has no intention of protecting my family, who is supposed to? Is it the Prime Minister or the President of India? Will my family be able to live their healthy lives again? Is the Constitution just a piece of paper, then signed by respectable people? Is there any provision under law, that guarantees that my family would be given protection so that they can start living their normal lives again?

Winning this petition can save thousands of other families and individuals who face threats every day. Just because they do not follow a particular practice or do not belong to a specific category of people does not mean they should be mistreated. I also hope that the criminals are taken into custody, and justice is done. We pride ourselves as being the largest Democracy in the world. After reading this, I hope you will question that belief. Where is Democracy when such incidents happen every day? Shouldn't the government and these criminals hold responsible?

Thank you so much for reading my story! If you think that this situation should be changed kindly sign the petition. And do share it with others.

Together we can bring a positive change for safer homes and society.