Stop Impeachment motion against Chief Justice of India

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With a very dangerous motive of harming the highest temple of justice i.e. Supreme Court of India and to take revenge against its Chief Justice Shri Deepak Mishra, a sinister move is afoot to initiate impeachment motion against him for rebuking congress wheeler-dealer Kapil Sibbal who very impudently and insolently confronted CJI while he was hearing the case related to Ram Janm Boomi.  

While Supreme Court is about to hear this case on daily basis, the rattled fringe political parties conniving with Communist Party and Congress devised the need and urgency to impeach CJI on flimsy grounds of 'misuse of administrative powers' citing complaints of five supreme court judges who have been on record that there is no complaint from them and theirs was an internal matter, resolved completely now!

This impeachment motion is one another example of systematic and sinister attacks on all constitutional authorities to destabilize India and therefore all the right minded patriotic citizens must show solidarity with CJI and fight this impeachment motion and also all divisive forces. 

All patriotic citizens are requested to please sign this petition and forward the same to their groups of influence so as to stall the impeachment motion and also create awareness for creating strong and vibrant Bharat!