Save Amaravati! Save AP! Save the People of Andhra Pradesh

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Hello All, My warm wishes to each and every one, who is reading this petition. I am writing this and urging for your support for the capital of Andhra Pradesh and the Farmers who had voluntarily donated their lands(Around 33000 Acres) for the development of Capital region. After the then Assembly (CM: Chandrababu Naidu, Opposition leader: YS Jagan) in 2014 had unanimously agreed to build a new capital for the state of Andhra Pradesh in the region of Krishna and Guntur districts, an innovative way of land pooling had been done where farmers belonging to this region from around 29 villages had given away their lands to the Government.

In this land pooling scheme, the farmers would get an annuity for the lands given for around 10 years. Simultaneously, capital will be developed in the region which will increase the land value. After 10 years, the farmers would be given plots in the same capital region which will have higher value as compared to earlier market value. It is a win-win situation for both the farmers and the state.

But after 2019 elections, government changed. The new government(CM: YS Jagan) wants to move away the secretariat from the capital region to Vizag, a port city which is already developed better than other cities in the state and the high court to Kurnool. It says that the lands of the farmers will be returned back and the government do not need them. The land which once produced three crops a year, is now filled with roads and buildings and unsuitable for agriculture. Farmers who gave up their lands for the development are now left with neither development nor the fertile lands.

Coming to the Capital Amaravati,the foundation stone was laid by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it has already got National attention and was recognized by the Survey of India in its recently released Indian Map. The Capital Amaravati has got AIIMS-Guntur, private Universities like VIT, SRM, Amrutha. Buildings to conduct the business of government such as secretariat, Assembly, High court were already in place and some other buildings were almost completed with only 10% of work left. Around 6000 crores were already spent on its construction.

The sudden change of decision by the current government to shift the capital, which once supported it when they were in opposition had altered and shattered the dreams and lives of farmers who gave up their lands and reduced the status of Capital Amaravati and the state Andhra Pradesh. I request every one to support this, so that it reaches the Prime Minister and other officials who can provide justice for farmers and for the people of AP by making sure that Amaravati will be the capital of Andhra Pradesh and save the state from regional conflicts.