Reelection in Maharashtra

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People voted and mandate was for BJP. It is known that Party which have won the highest seat is not able to form a government i.e BJP b'cos of Shiv Sena. Now shiv Sena which fought election in coalition with BJP with a particular agenda, now for their personal greed making alliance with parties which have fought as opposition. The core base of these parties were against each other.

It's an out an out cheating with the people of Maharashtra. In coalition of BJP and Shiv Sena BJP didn't fought from the seat where Shiv Sena's candidate is fighting.

People who voted for Shiv Sena and BJP didn't want Congress or the NCP to come in power. Same way people who voted for NCP and Congress didn't want BJP or Shiv Sena to come in power.

Making coalition after the election should be banned.

Parties have to declare that they will and will not be making any alliance with such and such parties before the election.

A reelection should be conducted. Though it will prove to be costly but who cares, after all it's the taxpayers money which these politicians are using. We the citizens can bear that.

Let their be Elections once again. Let the people decide once again whom they want to form the govt. If it is democracy, people should be given this right also.