President of India should adopt all stray cows in India

President of India should adopt all stray cows in India

3 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Dear President of India,

The dairy industry in India has thrown cows/bulls/calves/.. into distress. The problems that cows are facing are un-explainable. They depend on garbage for food. And the garbages has got many visitors like dogs, and other animals which are carnivores. Cows, Bulls, and Calves take rest on roads, and they do not know that there are idiots who drive vehicles carelessly. An increase in the infrastructural boost in India is also now a problem for cows. The problem of urbanization in India is killing villages and village culture. The cows and bulls seem to have no work in villages. The unemployability of bulls due to technological advancements in agriculture in India also becomes a huge problem for them. And climate change is also a huge problem. The cold, heat waves, heavy rains, and other odd climate conditions have become a huge headache for cow lovers and brought them sleepless nights.

And adding to that the Governments in India have completely neglected 'Article 48' of the Indian constitution which is 'the directive principle of the state policy. The entire bureaucracy in India has no interest in saving even a single cow. Because there is no benefit out of it. And cows have not got voter id to vote, so politicians also have no interest in saving cows. The religious institutions in India have got no funds to feed their cows in their goshalas. Politicians visit temples for photo opportunities and forget about helping cows.

You're the President of India, and I hope you're the supreme authority in India. I request you to get the latest beef exports data of India. And I have got no words, dear President. I can only say that cow is an innocent animal which is has got many problems from all humans on earth.

Please declare India as a vegan nation or adopt all cows/bulls/calves. Why I am mentioning cows, bulls, and other terms are that.. people in India are known for miss-using of terms in the constitution for personal purposes. Please also add other synonyms of cows if in case you're asking the members of parliament who are busy in vote bank politics.

I kindly request you, dear President, please show little compassion towards cows. It doesn't at all cost your Government as I heard that you itself print your banknotes. In case you have pressure from institutions like United Nations, please do let us know. So that we will donate to your scheme for adopting cows.

Please show some mercy, dear President. Please adopt all cows in India. If you do so, you'll be remembered forever and ever until there are Sun, moon, and stars seen from our green planet. I have heard that you're the kindest person. And I knew you have got some plans to make change happen.

This letter is not just from me, but every animal lover on this planet. India should become the role model for other countries on these lines.

Thank you and have a nice time.

Warm Regards,

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Signatures: 226Next Goal: 500
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