#Mangalurugangrape:Show no mercy hang the rapists.

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A young man from Bihar and girl from Kalladka,Mangalore working in a private factory at Kalladka had visited Thannirbavi beach on November 18 afternoon. They then went to Thota Bengre beach when they were attacked by a gang of seven. The youth was beaten up and the girl was gang raped in the presence of the boy, it is said that the gang was under the influence of drugs and therefore behaved inhumanly.The gang collected the girl's cellphone number and threatened the couple of murdering them if they conveyed information to police.
This incident took place in Mangaluru, A city which is known as one of the safest city in India. Now the matter is about the reputation and dignity of the city.
By the way whose fault is this?
The government or the police or the law
or we, the people. I guess we, the people,
are at fault. Because we choose to
remain silent, because we choose to
ignore but not any more ,we will not let down our Mangaluru reputation for few uncultured demons, now its no more about a victim, Now its about a city which is well known for its culture and safety, It happened once, should not happen again. We believe in justice and fair justice should be provided to the city, Rape needs to stop, its high time now. I request everyone to come together and FIGHT AGAINST RAPE by signing the petition and ask the government and the law makers to change the LAWS AGAINST RAPE.
We demand capital punishment for the
rapists.These shamless human beings
must be hanged till death if not handover those demons to the public Let Public decide, This is the only punishment that should be given to a rapist irrespective of age or gender.