Change The Educational System In Egypt.

Change The Educational System In Egypt.

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As a Student here I find it difficult to learn. It has nothing to do with having a disability or something like that. It's just that I can't cope with the education system here. It kills your creativity and forces you to stop understanding and using your brain. A better way to describe my case to you is that I feel like a machine whose job is to memorize whatever comes infront of its eyes. I like to think, memorize when I understand not the opposite. If you even try to write an answer which is in fact true using your own words and correct point of view then that's a wrong answer for them as a kind of an example. Daily, I curse the day my family moved back here. To get higher marks and join the faculty you want you have to do such a thing. It turned my life into a complete mess, not only mine but every talented, skilled and smart student.

I thought of many ways to solve this problem  and I concluded that we have to make an IQ test for all the students in all the faculties and schools and deal with those who are intelligent and are against our educational system, please don't feel offended I want to save every student, yeah like every one left with a spark or hope for a better education, let them write their opinion and suggesstions, make a different system and environment for them, an environment that will keep them safe, send them to study abroad and come back to benefit our country. Make more and better schools to solve overpopulation problems. Reform the outdated teaching methods. Get rid of unqualified or old teachers. I suggest that they should also perform the IQ test because they are the main tool that paves the way for better education. For sure, when you are rebuilding a house you have to check the base first.

At last all I can say that, I really want to be treated like a human being, my family told me if you want to join the faculty you want, you have to memorize everything and you needn't understand, they told me exactly "it's a matter of copy and paste, you have to answer as if has been extracted from your books, keep in mind that not a professional subject teacher checks your answers but, a normal one who barely know something about the subject and he/she uses a model answer booklet to check your answers and dear, writing in your words won't work for them" but I couldn't as Allah made our brains in way that is completely different to computers our minds are designed to borden when it learns or understands new things unlike computers. My family were actually right my answers didn't work out for those teachers.

Let's get to the point and summarise this all. Do you want to be oppressed, do you want any of your family members to become victims of injustice? Sure not. Join us, sign this petition and share it everywhere, become a proud member of the pavers to the Egyptian Renaissance.