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President Obama, USCIS, DHS: Decrease wait time for I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

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Make immigration simple.

Immigration is a hot topic among politicians in our day. We courageously step forward with a simple plan to begin resolving the complex issues.

We believe that making legal immigration simple will resolve many of the nation's immigration problems. Red tape, and long wait times, discourage honest individuals seeking permanent residence.

The DHS proposed rules in January (  and April ( that would make the I-601 easier on couples separated by immigration proceedings. While we applaud such changes, we ask for more.

Please introduce additional improvements which will allow families to spend less time apart during the I-130 and other steps in the process. While many immigrants would like to conform with immigration law, the current system is hard on families. After my wife and I went to Mexico to visit her parents, she was not allowed to return. I had to return to my job in the USA. If we chose not to go to Mexico we might have done the I-130 here, but then we would not have seen her family. It is hard to understand why any paperwork should separate families for so long.


Dedicated to: my wife, families separated, those seeking a better life, and all US citizens who believe in the American dream

More information about I-130
Current wait times are said to average 5 months. Actual wait times are usually between 3-8 months. It can be multiple years for those filing for relatives other than spouses.

It is disturbing to see so much priority and lobbying put into less important issues. Sometimes others even complain that we should be happy to wait, or that it is our fault because we should not love a spouse from another country. It is disgusting to see that our society and government is not protecting traditional families' right to live and love. In fact, they do protect it, and we are blessed to be able to apply at all. At the same time, there is too much priority given to comforts in the USA, and too little priority given to uniting families. A background check for a gun can be run in 24 hours, but the government claims that a similar check to see if a marriage is legitimate (the I-130) is okay to take 5 months or longer. Our right to family life is critical to society's success, while our need to have a right to a gun for defense is an example of the failure to foster integrity at home. The violence of one madman may not be the fault of his parents, but righteous family life will do more to protect society over-all than making sure everyone can have a gun within 24 hours.

The I-130 is only one step in one process to obtain permanent residence.
We support overall simplification, and have chosen to focus this petition on the I-130 to make things simple. You can also sign two petitions regarding the I-601 Waiver that will shorten the time families are kept apart: and


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