U.S. government must stop dumping toxic electronic waste in poorer communities!


For more than 15 years, massive volumes of hazardous electronic waste (e-waste) have been shipped from the US to poorer communities. There, instead of being properly recycled, the e-waste is smashed, burned, melted, and washed in acid baths in dangerous substandard recycling operations that harm workers, communities and the environment.

The US is the only developed country in the world to export our toxic e-waste. Our most recent study found that almost 40% of electronic waste delivered to US recyclers is being shipped offshore – mostly to Asia. Residents in these communities are horrified to learn they are taking in our toxic e-waste.

This global dumping not only harms the environment and the health of workers abroad, but it also directly affects the United States by costing us green jobs and threatening our national security. Additionally, responsible domestic recycling companies are unable to compete with the much cheaper dumpers, and counterfeiters use the dumped e-waste as a way to find computer chips they can replicate with corrupt versions that end up in the military supply chain.

The Federal government of the United States is the largest producer of electronic waste on the planet and Obama with a stroke of his pen via Executive Order can not only block this source but at the same time send a strong message that global environmental justice shall not be denied. So no matter where you live on earth, join us is our effort to press Obama to prohibit the export of the federal government’s toxic e-waste to developing countries!

So far, all efforts to prohibit the export of electronic waste from the US have been blocked by a dysfunctional congress. But with your voice and signature, President Obama can stop the largest single source of electronic waste from being dumped overseas – the e-waste from the US federal government!

For more information on our petition visit: www.ban.org/why-obama-must-act

For information on the e-Trash Transparency Project’s Findings and to find out where the public's e-waste is going, visit: www.ban.org/trash-transparency

For a scrapbook of US federal asset tags we've discovered from around the world visit: www.ban.org/s/Scrapbook.pdf

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