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Any day now the Department of Homeland Security will announce a second round of "reforms" to the disgraced "Secure Communities" program. Since its inception S-Comm has been marked by secrecy, mismanagement, and lies. After intense public scrutiny following the release of thousands of internal documents, it became clear the Department of Homeland Security had misled local law makers, Congress, and the American public on the scope, impact, and policies of the program.

Sadly, we expect more of the same with respect to the forthcoming "reforms." Instead of promoting substantive change, the timing of the forthcoming announcement suggests that it is designed to take the pressure off ICE in advance of the release of the Office of Inspector General Report on S-Comm.

The harsh reality is that the "Secure Communities" program is too broken to be fixed. It has deported hundreds of thousands of family members and damaged public safety by making victims of crime and witnesses fear contact with police. That is why governors, city officials, congressional representatives, law enforcement and communities across the country have rejected the program. And that is why we continue to demand for its immediate termination.

Please send a message to President Obama that the program needs to be once and for all "ended, not mended." Urge him to abandon his legacy of deportation by abandoning S-Comm.

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Letter to
President Obama
I just signed the following petition addressed to: President Obama.

Dear President Obama,

We demand that you immediately terminate the "Secure Communities" deportation program. S-Comm separates thousands of families, criminalizes migrants, encourages civil rights abuses, and damages public safety. The expansion, and indeed forced participation, in S-Comm across the country has replicated the very same abuses of its predecessor the disgraced 287(g) program.

The program has been characterized by secrecy and lies. There is no doubt, that the Department of Homeland Security mislead members of Congress, local law makers and the American public about the impact, scope, and policies of the program.

We urge you President Obama to heed the calls of cities, local lawmakers, the governors of Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois, numerous congressional representatives, and concerned communities and finally put an end to this failed program. All these critical stakeholders agree on one undeniable truth: S-Comm is making communities less safe. Trust has been replaced by fear, making victims afraid to report crimes and witnesses less likely to cooperate with police.

There's only one way forward for S-Comm--its termination. Please abandon your legacy of deportation. Abandon S-Comm.


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