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President Obama: Reinstitute the ban on horse slaughter

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The horse is a timeless symbol of the spirit of America. For each and every cowboy that "won the west" there was a horse along side him. Horses are the backbone of our country, from working on farms, to competing for our country's glory in each Olympic games.

The horse is a kind, intelligent, and honest creature, with out who our country would not be the same. We need to stand up, stand together, and fight for the animal who cannot fight for itself. I believe the slaughtering of any animal is wrong, however each time you kill a horse, you kill a part of America's history and soul.

Horses have served in our military and police forces.  They have sowed the fields that provide us with nutrition.  THey have competed for glory in the name of our country.  They have starred in movies along side the most famous celebrities of our day.  THey have raced for our entertainment and our affection.

We do not eat horses in America.  They are our friends, and confidants, not our meals. We do not believe that having a neglected horse shipped off to a slaughter house to have a bolt put in their head is a humane way of handling neglected horses.  We do not feel that these barbaric and cruel practices should be subjected to any animal, especially one that symbolizes the freedom and promise of our country.  We do not believe in condeming over 200,000 horses to a painful death in the coming year.

Please consider singing this petition to keep the President from lifting the current ban on horse slaughter in the US.  Animals who have given their lives to fight for the freedom of our country should not be subjected to a brutal and cruel murder.

Thank you for your time.

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