Confirmed victory

Iraqis are facing the worst violence since 2008. Over the past year, waves of car bombs and other sectarian attacks have killed thousands of innocent civilians. 

Millions of war-affected Iraqis remain displaced, adding to a regional crisis that includes more than 7 million fleeing Syrians. As the lead country that started the war in Iraq, the U.S. must do more to support peace and humanitarian relief. 

Join us in urging President Barack Obama and Congress to do more to support strong humanitarian action and diplomacy for a more peaceful Iraq.

Letter to
Representative Thomas Cotton
Representative Juan Vargas
Representative Anna Eshoo
and 5 others
Representative Theodore Yoho
Representative Ron DeSantis
Representative Alan Grayson
Representative Ted Deutch
President of the United States
Peace in Iraq requires a clear, long-term U.S. and international commitment to preventing conflict and building democratic institutions and processes.

We therefore urge you to clearly articulate and support a long-term strategy of U.S. diplomacy and assistance to Iraq and the region, including humanitarian relief for refugees and other vulnerable populations and efforts to increase government accountability, strengthen civil society, and improve opportunities for the 20 million children and youth of Iraq.