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President Obama: Order the Pentagon to stop DADT enforcement!

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Senate Republicans have killed the defense bill with the DADT repeal amendment.  This effectively kills repealing DADT for the rest of the year.  So valuable service members will continue to get kicked out for as much as a year or more.  Enough of playing politics.  When a survey of military members in the 1940's revealed that the majority of those serving did NOT want blacks serving with them, President Truman signed an order to integrate blacks anyway because he knew it was right and history would be on his side.  President Obama must sign an order to prohibit enforcement of DADT until Congress can repeal it when it comes up again after the mid-term elections.  This will make the Pentagon's silly surveys mute and prove to Congress it doesn't need to wait for some complicated process to stop this anti-gay policy.  It will show the military continues to operate just fine the moment gay service members don't have to lie anymore under the President's directive.

Letter to
President of the United States
A federal judge has declared the military's ban on openly gay service members unconstitutional. Another federal judge has ordered a Lesbian reinstated after being kicked out of the Air Force under 'Don't Ask Don't Tell." The George W. Bush appointed judge, with tears in his eyes, reversed his own earlier decision against Major Margaret Witt telling her she didn't harm the military by being gay, but her dismissal did harm her unit!

Recent surveys show 75% to 80% of Americans want DADT repealed. Yet the Senate just missed an opportunity to repeal DADT despite apparent promises to your office from Republican Senators to vote for repeal if you wouldn't sign an executive order. Whoever made such a promise to your office reneged on their part of that agreement. Meanwhile, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS that have been spent on training valuable members of the U.S. military go down the drain when service members are released from duty. Even more tax dollars are wasted to process removal of these much needed military personnel. So it's time for you to get some political guts, Mr. Obama. Don't wait for the Pentagon's surveys. Such surveys in the 1940's showed most military members were against blacks serving with them, but President Truman signed an order to integrate blacks anyway knowing it was the right thing to do and that history would be on his side. You must take the same initiative!

Remember, this is what most Americans want. All you need to do is look at the recent surveys: In February, Quinnipiac University found that 57% of respondents of it's poll support repeal and a CBS/New York Times poll found 59% of it's respondents favored repeal. The following month, a Vet Voice Foundation poll showed 73% of Iraq and Afghanistan combat Veterans believe service by gay military members is acceptable. And in May, a CNN poll found 78% of respondents supported repeal. Even some of your strongest conservative critics such as Bill O'Reilly are now calling for DADT's repeal!

But more importantly, the lives of those who defend us, fight for us, and serve their country are being disrupted. These service members should not have to LIE in order to serve their country one more day! You can sign an Executive Order to stop enforcement of the policy so those who are scared of openly-gay service members will see that no drastic changes need to be made for accommodations and that the military doesn't suddenly cease to work effectively. Every day, many professional members of the military are loosing the life they love. This shouldn't happen to those who put their lives on the line for our country. They deserve better. Let's not waste any more taxpayer money booting people out of the military and make sure the tax dollars already invested in them are well spent.

Mr. Obama, you must sign an Executive Order to stop DADT policy enforcement TODAY! Don't let the military loose valuable personnel when it's apparent that DADT is illegal and doesn't help the military, but has even been proven to harm it!

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