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President Obama: Free the Hungry Billion


In June, President Obama joined the world leaders at the annual G-20 summit. But leaders didn't do enough to help the 1 billion who are going hungry in our world.

They must do more. When President Obama steps onto the dais at the UN, he needs to call on the world community to end the hunger scandal and to take specific action to cut hunger in half by the 2015 deadline.

Sign this petition today to President Obama, asking him to be a true hunger hero!

Letter to
President of the United States
10 years ago, at the Millennium Development Summit, world leaders made the headline grabbing promise to halve hunger by 2015. But there are more hungry people in the world today than ever before.

This September when you step onto the dais at the UN to announce the United States' plan to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, we hope that you will inspire the world to stick to this promise and to cut hunger in half in the next five years.

We are proud that the US has been leading the world in the fight against hunger – as you did last year at the G8 summit in Italy. We urge you to build on this and become a true hunger hero. We need an ambitious global 'rescue package' to be agreed upon at the UN to put the hunger promise back on track. Please use your speech in New York to re-commit the US to this goal and to urge other nations to follow your lead. Specifically, we need you to:

1. Keep your promise. World leaders promised $20 billion over 3 years for agriculture and food security at the G8 meeting in L'Aquila last year. But this can't be an empty promise. Ensure the US is on track to meet its part of the deal and demand that other nations also keep to their word.

2. Go a step further. Even if the pledges made at the G8 are kept they still aren't enough to halve hunger. By the end of the year the US should set out how it will meet its share of the remaining Millennium Development Goal funding gap, both by committing more money and also supporting other ways of raising resources – including expanded debt cancellation and Financial Speculation taxes.

3. Support women farmers to end hunger. Women farmers are not getting the support they need to grow their way out of hunger. Yet we know that investing in them is key to tackling world hunger. Target US money at sustainable methods to support women farmers working on small farms so that they can access credit, extension and the other services they need.

There are only 5 years left – hungry people can't wait. Please do all you can to free the hungry billion.

Thank you for your leadership on world hunger.

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