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Petitioning President of the United States

President Obama and The White House Administration: Add the category of Animal Rights to your contact form and petition website

Without the category of Animal Rights as an immediate option on, it is difficult to show strength in numbers on animal rights issues that matter to Americans, voting constituents, and world citizens. With the addition of this category, we can make our voices heard for the voiceless.

President Obama has stated that he is “committed to making his Administration the most open and transparent in history, and part of delivering that promise is hearing from people like you.”

President Obama has been re-elected to his second and final term.  Now is the time to speak up for what we believe in.  This petition aims to make two online communication changes, so that all who advocate for animals can more effectively make their voices heard with President Obama and his Administration. 

The two changes are as follows:

1.     Add Animal Rights as a subject category on the online contact form:

2.     Add Animal Rights as an issue that can be selected by We the People petition creators:


Letter to
President of the United States
In your final campaign speech for re-election in Iowa, you said, “Don’t let anybody tell you your voice can’t make a difference.” I am now using my voice, as a concerned global citizen, to make a difference for our world.

Please make your Administration more open and transparent for the next 4 years by adding the category of Animal Rights to your online contact form on as well as, also known as the We the People website. Currently, Animal Rights is not among the Policy Issues that voting constituents can select as a subject on Also, Animal Rights is not among the issues that can be selected to describe petitions on We the People.

I look forward to communicating with you about Animal Rights over the next 4 years.

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