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Petitioning Nosotros Tambien Organization President Obama & All Hispanic Politicias and 14 others
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Nosotros Tambien Organization
President Obama & All Hispanic Politicias
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Joaquin Castro
Henry Cuellar
Ed Pastor
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President of the United States

Moratorium On Deportations of All Immigrants

Nosotros Tambien Organization...wants to bring awareness to President Obama & All Hispanic/Latino that the Obama's Admininistration's Round-Ups, Dentions & Deportations of Mostly Mexica/Hispanic/Latino/All Other Immigrants are Inhumane & Barbaric which Affects Our CHILDREN!


Letter to
Nosotros Tambien Organization President Obama & All Hispanic Politicias
Representative Trent Franks
Representative Gary Miller
and 12 others
Representative Alan Lowenthal
Representative Luis Gutierrez
Representative Carolyn Maloney
Representative Ruben Hinojosa
Representative Beto O Rourke
Representative Joaquin Castro
Representative Henry Cuellar
Representative Ed Pastor
Representative Ed Royce
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
I just signed the following petition addressed to: President Obama & All Hispanic/Latino Elected Politicians on the Local, County, State & Especially The Federal Levels:

Rumba Ocampo, David R. Gonzalez, Peggy Soto, Christina Barro, Shirley Reyes & Linda Valenzuela and the Rest of Nosotros Tambien Organization Members.


We are dedicating this petition to all our Hispanic/Latino children and all children of all backgrounds to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" President Obama, Congressional Hispanic Caucus and all of the Hispanic/ Latino political leaders for allowing the Tea Party Republican controlled States to write Racist & Profiling Federal Immigration Laws.

We know that true immigration reform is a federal responsibility and not a State by State. We applaud Illinois US Congressman Luis Gutierrez, who was silenced from protesting against the Obama’s Administration's Round-Ups, Detentions & Deportations of mostly Mex/His/Lat/All Other Immigrants.

We will never endorse, give our time, our effort and most important give our economical contribution or support to any Local, County, State or Federal candidate who will not publically state that he or she is “PRO-IMMIGRANT” and against “ANTI RACIST & PROFILING LAWS.” We want candidates ready to serve our children!

We are demanding with our power of “VOTE” that President Obama, Congressional Legislators and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus put a "MORATORIUM/EXECUTIVE ORDER" on ALL DEPORTATIONS OF DREAMERS (DREAM ACT), OUR WAR VETERANS, ALL PARENTS WITH AMERICAN BORN CHILDREN & SPOUSES OF AMERICAN CITIZENS.

We realize that every Politician uses a Total Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which is Total Greek Myth as an excuse to not even attempt to pass the simplest part of the Total Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, “THE DREAM ACT"!

We will turn over our “CHILDREN'S PETITION” to Illinois US Congressman Luis Gutierrez with signatures from only registered voters from every State in America and the Honorable Congressman Gutierrez "HOPEFULLY" will himself deliver the “CHILDREN'S PETITION” to President Obama!

We thank you for signing this petition and for encouraging other voters to do so!

Warmest Regards,
"NOSOTROS TAMBIEN ORGANIZATION", Detentions & Deportations of Humans!