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As we celebrate Uganda’s Heroes day on 9 June 2020 it is fitting to petition H.E President, the Parliament, Kampala City Council Authority and other authorities to remove names of colonial rulers and armies including Sir Henry Colville, Sir Fredrick Lugard, The Kings African Rifles, General Dewinton, and Col. Ternan who, as our history shows, were responsible for reprehensible crimes including pillage, rape and murder during the era of the British Empire in Uganda.
Currently there are many streets in Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe, Fort Portal and elsewhere which glorify these individuals and help perpetuate a legacy of colonial conquest, occupation, subjugation and control. It is important to take these names off the pedestal they stand [they belong to museums of colonial history] and instead recognise other notable Ugandans or other personalities who are deserving of such esteem—based on a consultative process and recommendations of a respectable and representative body of eminent Ugandans. 
We believe that the removal of visible vestiges of a colonial hegemony from public spaces is a crucial part of a process of decolonisation and ending an era of domination and impunity. Events following the ugly killing of George Floyd in the USA demonstrate the urgency to address all forms of injustice and discrimination everywhere. It is time for us to come to terms with our history acknowledging the crimes committed while celebrating the heroes and heroines who represent and promote the values of freedom, dignity, peace and justice.