Justice for Jeong-In: End child abuse!

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Jeong-In, a 16 month old infant was murdered by her adoptive parents after being abused by them. There were signs of abuse in the form of scars, malnourishment which were covered by blatant lies by these so called parents. 

Jeong-In appeared in a television show where foster parents could adopt a potential child and she did find a loving home at first, until she went to her adoptive parents' custody. There, this little baby faced so much abuse, that even an adult could not go through.

There were scars on her body which when brought to police attention, the parents attested that it was due to their "corrective massage while teaching her how to bow" and that the scars were due to eczema, which she didn't have. During a routine check-up, the doctors alerted the parents of malnourishment, but this too was countered with claims that "Jeong-In wasn't eating properly" and that she is "fussy". All of this were taken easily by the officials, which eventually led to the death of this poor angel. 

This isn't your country's issue, I know. But this is an issue of child abuse and neglect, which led to the death of a poor little girl who had an entire life ahead of her. This bud was snipped before it could bloom. That's why, I ask you for your help to bring these perpetrators to justice.