Media: Start Calling Yulin the “Slaughter”-NOT Festival

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There is a “festival” in Yulin, China, where local merchants kill thousands of dogs to sell their meat to festival goers.

This terrible SLAUGHTER has to stop. And we want to have our voices heard. In 2017, the Chinese government announced measures against sellers of dog meat, such as fines. But they gave up shortly before the start of the Yulin dog meat SLAUGHTER

Since 2009, activists estimate that as many as 15,000 dogs are killed for the Yulin. And it was only with societal pressure that the Chinese government considered ending the sale of dog meat in 2017. We need to keep up the pressure this year!

As a global community, sign and share today to help NAME THIS FOR WHAT IT IS! Stop perpetuating this is a festival - and refer to it as the Yulin Slaughter (known in China as the Festival). By allowing such a benign name-we hurt our campaign to bring this to an end! 

Our goal is to launch a major campaign with thousands of signatures, and deliver it to the Chinese embassy, and all media outlets. 

Let's show our outrage! We want the Chinese government to commit to animal rights. We respect the people and culture of China, and we understand that there are many Chinese who are also against the Yulin Slaughter as this article shows.

Read this excerpt from the story: "More and more Chinese are campaigning to ban the annual festival held on the summer solstice." Let's join those who are against the Yulin Festival! I hope that activists from other countries are inspired by our action and also create campaigns in their countries!