President Mattarella: do not sign

President Mattarella: do not sign

8 August 2019
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In Italy the “Second Security Decree” is law.

Another terrible page was written in our history books, in contempt of the principles of the Constitution and international conventions.

The “Second Security Decree”, like the one that preceded it, criminalizes solidarity and dissent, and is politically manipulative, starting with its name.
In fact, there is no “security” in this decree, far from it:
it promotes insecurity, it promotes marginalization, social exclusion, an attempt to banish solidarity from society;
it promotes selfishness, hatred, racism and xenophobia.

It aims to generate and fuel conflict and disorder – with the purpose of transforming this negativity and social discord into votes.

In this strategy, the Government has assigned migrants and social centers a very specific role: that of an external enemy that collects public anger and frustration.  Moreover, the new decree grants the Minister of the Interior exceptional and unprecedented powers in the Republican system.

The “Second Security Decree” is unconstitutional because, from a legal standpoint, the conditions of necessity and urgency are lacking, and the requirement of homogeneity of the regulated matter is missing. And it contrasts with international law: in particular with the UNCLOS (law of the sea), SOLAS (saving lives at sea) and SAR (search and rescue) conventions, and with article 33 of the 1951 Geneva Convention, which establishes the principle of non-refoulement.
Added to this is a disproportionate system of sanctions for violating this decree, for both NGOs and participants in public demonstrations and marches, with excessive penalties, in some cases draconian: these sanctions make clear the desire to stifle any voice contrary to the government narrative.

For all these reasons the lawyers of MGA - the Italian forensic union - ask that the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, not promulgate the law of conversion of the “safety decree bis” and instead send it back to Parliament, exercising his rights under article 74 of the Constitution.

President Mattarella: do not sign.

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Signatures: 110,883Next Goal: 150,000
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