Clemency for Michelle West Serving Life Without Parole

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My mom is a first time offender, serving a life sentence based on the word of a murderer who got full immunity for his "cooperation." There is no evidence that my mother ever harmed anyone.  But I don't want to dispute the particulars of her case... What I do know is that I was a small child when my mother was arrested. 

She remained hands on, raising me from the confines of prison. She forced me to identify what I was passionate about.  I love fashion, so she encouraged me to go to New York city, which I never would have had the courage to do, if not for my mother's belief in me. In New York I caught the eye of Patricia Field, a renowned costume designer for Sex and the City, and she mentored me. I now work as an in-house stylist for Mr. Sean Combs network, Revolt TV in Los Angeles.

I will not get married or have children until my mother comes home and her only hope for justice is clemency.  She has served 28 years which is more time than most people get for rape or murder. She was indicted for conspiracy and could not cooperate because she was afraid someone would hurt me, so she had no choice but to go to trial. Based on the conspiracy law, and mandatory sentencing, she was held responsible for the actions of other co-conspirators.

Only President Biden can free my mother by commuting her sentence. I pray that her petition receives a favorable recommendation and ultimately is signed.  We both deserve a second chance because my life will never be complete until my mother is free - we are both serving a life sentence, every single day.  

Please, sign and share this petition.  My mother's story has been featured in a Revolt TV short documentary, Fusion, The Young Turks, Humans of New York,, just to name a few, and is on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency. Details of her case and aforementioned articles can be found on the CAN-DO Foundation website.