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Our request is that you change the name of "Operation CHAMPS", "The Little Champs" and anything else referring to us BRATS as a "CHAMP" and never refer to us military BRATS as "Champs" again. Stop calling all Military BRATS, "CHAMPS".


As an Army BRAT and now a Military Wife, I can legitimately say for all of us BRATS, We are NOT "champs" WE ARE BRATS! We are PROUD of our badge and we don't appreciate anyone attempting to take it from us by calling us CHAMPS or even trademarking the term for use of us. Anyone can write a children’s book on being a BRAT, and it is not a negative connotation, it is a way of life. While the intentions behind "Operation CHAMPS" may be good, changing our title is not good, and also isn’t just going to impact this generation. The title BRAT is ours. It is of those that came before us, it is ours, our children’s, our grandchildren’s and our grandchildren’s children etc. It is tradition, it's our life and anyone who knows anything about the military knows that we follow tradition heavily. 

What does BRAT stand for? Today's term BRAT has been passed down through the generations of military communities. Many researchers believe that it may come from an acronym that dates back into the British Empire hundreds of years ago. B.R.A.T. stood for British Regiment Attached Traveler at that time.

Now, BRAT stands for this:

BOLDNESS- to bravely go where others dare not

RESPONSIBILITYto live in Service and Honor of God, Family and Country

ADAPTABILITYto be at home anywhere

TOLERANCEto love and respect all mankind 


Brat is a title we are proud to wear, it's ours and was given by birthright. There's no chance in hell we will embrace this "champ" title.  It's the military soldiers that are the heroes! We are merely the children of those heroes. We are BRATs by birth, lived it, breathed it, it's part of our life don't force feed nor shove a title down our throats that we do not want, like, nor feel it fits who we are as military dependents.

In the BRAT community you will find a wide variety of members from multiple generations and backgrounds. Our stories often contain sights and scenes no longer in existence where our communities lived. Unlike civilians who are able to have high school reunions, we aren't able to have a "place to call home". There are a lot of things we may have missed out on, but we wouldn't change a thing. The opportunity to experience different countries, cultures and living in a new place every so many years was priceless. The lifestyle we experienced is like no other, yet the amazing places we visited were beyond exciting, it's who we are, yet all we know and it feels like the Finks and their counterparts are stripping away our identity by taking that brat name away. Never once have we been embarrassed or ashamed to be called a brat.


Why change something that has such a long history and acknowledgment? There are many other things that are more important to change. Our parents are the big heroes, but every one of us is also a hero in another regard. Our parents and possibly us, in others instances, put their lives on the line. We didn't live the normal American life, in fact, we lived far more rewarding lives in general. Yes, we made sacrifices that we might or might not have been asked about, but we made them none the less. 

We are offended by someone forcing the term "CHAMPS" on all military children (BRATS) past, present and future!


 Thank you for your support in this matter.

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