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President Barack Obama: GIVE BACK THE FUNK! - Establish a Presidential Commission

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Dear Mr. President,
Like you, I was in high school in the '70s and grew up listening to the musical geniuses of our time, "the DNA of Hip-Hop and Rap", bands like Parliment Funkadelic, The Ohio Players, Marvin Gaye and many of the Motown Superstars.

Like you, I was happy to recently hear the song "Make My Funk The P Funk" in the movie Moneyball.... it made that scene come alive didn't it?!

And like you, I assumed Dr. George Clinton and his band were making a nice living in 2013 on their royalties from that movie and other re-recordings of their musical genius.

The truth is: Dr. George Clinton and the band members received, and continue to receive, $0.00 from the royalties on that movie, and from the royalties tied to hundreds of other songs, movies and the like.

Zero dollars, Zero cents.

The website has been established to "Shine the light on the mis-appropriated copyrights for musicians, songwriters and artists." Dr. Clinton has testified at the Black Caucus meetings in Washington, the U.S. Copyright hearings held at UCLA Law School, and we have initiated investigations at WXYZ TV in Detroit, the NY TIMES and even the U.S. Attorney General's Office.

We have gotten nowhere.

We now implore you to establish a Presidential Commission that will get to the bottom of what many agree is a broken system that enables criminals and others to "mis-appropriate" copyrights with no real recourse. (Please reference Copyright Director Maria Pallante's statement of 3-22-13.)

We believe there are criminal and civil issues involved and ask you to immediately undertake a comprehensive review focusing on several related Federal Court cases in Detroit, Nashville, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Our website is
Our phone is 800.682.1942
Our email is

Every time from this day forward, when you and the tens of thousands of people that are signing this petition mention the word "Hip-Hop or Rap" - let's also take a breath and remind ourselves that we must now provide Justice! for these creative forces. The people behind the "DNA of Hip-Hop and Rap" , the grand masters of our time like Dr. George Clinton, Mr. Abrim Tilmon, Mr. Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner, Mr. Gary Shider, and Mr. Ed Townsend, and their families.  

We have 211 other names in Detroit alone to add to the first phase of your inquiry.

Thank Mr. President, please:
"Give Back The Funk"

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