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President Barack Obama and the Members of The US Congress: Include minority youth death epidemic in package to reduce gun violence

Today January 16, 2013 President Obama announced a 500 Million dollar package aimed at reducing gun violence. This is in response to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school that Killed 20 1st grade students and 6 adults. Everyday our youths are dying on the streets at the hands of other youths that are able to obtain hand guns illegally. This epidemic has been wide spread in urban communities across the country for many years and counting. The main targets that we hear for the comprehensive package announced by the president are assault weapons and loopholes in background checks to purchase guns as well as the mental health component. I believe this is because these contributing factors are easier to assess and therefore regulate. The problem in urban communities is deep and complex, no one is denying that. What we are asking for is that some portion of this package and the resources there in be allocated towards at the very least addressing this ongoing devastation that is plauging our youth and starting a serious conversation by those in power to rectify it. Over 5000 children and teens were killed by hand guns in 2008 and 2009. Lloyd Morgan a 4yr old boy was gunned down in a Bronx playground last year. A close family friend Raphael Sadonte Ward 16 yrs old was shot and killed in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan for no apparent reason earlier this month. Both boys had their whole lives ahead of them. My own son, 16yrs old and his friends were robbed at gun point by other teenagers for their coats in Harlem during the holidays. Thank God nobody was hurt in that instance. But the list goes on and on. Please sign this petition to finally get some attention and resolution to the genocide happening on our streets everyday. Tell the President and Congress that children in poverty impacted by gun violence matter too.

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