I believe in healthy food choices for all.  We are now in a food emergency. A  very important step we can take now is standing up for for America's last remaining family farmers who are growing organic  as well as GMO free foods.  

The film Farmageddon tells the story of the unseen war on America's small family farmers that now needs to become visible.  It is important that the President and First Lady see this film and show it at the White House so that a fair Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food can be held on the issues involved.  

It is important that the President regain our trust, and showing this film will bring the issues involved up for public understanding.

 I want to encourage the President to invite his Food Czar Michael R. Taylor and our respected Secretary of Agriculture, spokesperson for the Know Your Farmer. Know Your Food.Initiative, and the Organic People's Garden Project  at the USDA to participate in this open Dialogue that invites top scientists of all grains of thought to put the facts on the table and let the people decide.

I call for this open Q & A  on the issue of our Food Emergency


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President of the United States
I just signed the following petition.

I want to thank you for the "Let's Move!" initiative to end childhood obesity through encouraging better nutrition, exercise, and growing organic food.

I want to add support for our remaining local organic farmers as part of the Let's Move initiative as well as giving people freedom of choice to eat the healthy foods they wish including drinking raw organically grown milk.

Thank you for scheduling a showing of the film Farmageddon in the White House and inviting Kristin Canty, the director of Farmageddon, to speak regarding treatment of farmers who are selling raw milk.

Please invite scientists, farmers, and advocates from various points of view as well as Congress to view the film with you.

Thanks for a great Q & A afterward and serving some locally grown organic food from your own White House Organic garden.

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