Do not impose restrictive school uniforms on Afghan girls

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On the 14th of March 2017, the Afghanistan Ministry of Education published the design for new public school uniform for girl students in the country. 

Afghan women and men are outraged to see the severely restrictive designs consisting of  long tunics and headscarves made compulsory for girls as young as 5, and compulsory ankle length gowns and headscarves for girls aged 12 and up.

We need to put pressure on the Afghan government to change this! And instead introduce a wider array of age appropriate and non restrictive uniform options for girls. These new uniforms should be conducive to girls' participation in a range of activities such as sports and must be suitable to be worn comfortably in all weather conditions and terrains such as snow and muddy unpaved road. 

If you are a Muslim, sign this petition because the new uniform misinterpret Islam and what it says about Muslim woman's dress. If we allow restriction of Afghan women in these uniforms we will stifle many Kubra Daglis and Ibtihaj Muhammad from emerging. 

If you are an Afghan, please sign this so that together we can safeguard the gains we made in the last fifteen years and fight the cultural imperialism that imposes this Arabian style outfit on our children. Let's push for a dress that reflects our culture and is suitable for our girls' growth and development. 

If you are a citizen of the USA, EU or Canada you have to sign this because your tax money was spent on paying for the Afghanistan Ministry of Education to come up with this atrocity.

If you are feminist fight for the right of your sisters. We must stop this institutionalisation of abuse of girl children. Remember that this uniform is not choice! 

Raise your voice! You can also write/tweet directly to the Embassy of Afghanistan in USA @Embassy_of_AFG  Canada @AmbCanAfg, UK @AfghanEmbassyUK Germany and Australia @AfghanEmbassyAU and ask them to reconsider this decision. You can tweet @ARG_AFG to get attention of Afghanistan Presidential Palace, directly tweet to @ashrafghani. 

Together we can stop pushing girl children of Afghanistan back into the Taliban era! 

Thank You, 

Zuhra Bahman 

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