Premier Wynne, please fix this...or give back our $4 million

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Premier Wynne, please fix this...or give back our $4 million

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Families that live in the Townships of Georgian Bay, Lake of Bays and Muskoka Lakes are being forced to pay $4 million a year EXTRA because Premier Wynne’s government won’t fix the Police Services Act.


In 2014, the Government of Ontario created a new funding formula for OPP police services, which calculates the amount that each municipality must pay (and is reflected in municipal property taxes).  Of the 323 municipalities in Ontario that use the OPP, there is only one municipality in the entire Province that DOES NOT follow the formula (or an alternative that has unanimous support): the District Municipality of Muskoka. 

Instead, the District has come up with a different formula that shifts a large portion of the costs for policing from the Towns to taxpayers in the Townships.

The impact of this scheme is that families in the three Townships combined are forced to pay an EXTRA $4 MILLION EACH YEAR

Premier, that is just wrong. 

I absolutely believe in paying my fair share of taxes to fund the services that we all benefit from in society.  Those are Ontario values – ones that my family fully supports.  However, this scheme takes additional money out of our family budget.

I don’t want to live in a Province where 323 municipalities follow one set of rules, and one municipality does not.

As an Ontarian, I expect your government to fight for fairness, wherever injustice may be.  There are numerous examples where your government has acted and intervened to address issues in Toronto and the GTA…but when it comes to small town Ontario, too often we feel ignored.

Premier, we urge you to take action to resolve this situation and ensure that this cannot happen again – either in the District Municipality of Muskoka – or elsewhere in Ontario.  We simply want to follow the Province’s formula for dividing OPP police services costs in our District – just like 323 other municipalities in the province do. 

Please show us that you care about rural Ontario. 

Please fix this issue in the Police Services Act when amendments are introduced this fall.  

And if you wont demonstrate leadership by fixing this, please give us our $4 million back.



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