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Koalas facing EXTINCTION in south-east Queensland !!!!

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When I first read that up to 80% of the Koala population in south- east Queensland was gone I cried, I couln’t help it ! I knew it was bad but not quite that bad ! The thought that this unique native creature was being wiped out is heartbreaking to me and I am sure all of you. Koalas are the Queensland State Emblem so what does it say about us that we could let our own Emblem become endangered and at this rate become extinct in a mere decade or two. If we are prepared to let this animal become extinct what chance do the rest have. Approximately 1700 species of Flora and Fauna are already endangered in Australia alone.

This is unacceptable and it must stop !

The tree clearing that is going on in Queensland at the moment is just crazy. It has been described as a “Tsunami of habitat loss for threatened species “ by the World Wildlife Fund. According to ABC Radio National in the last 7 months 273,000 hectares of intact forest has been bulldozed in Queensland, the previous year was 300,000 for 12 months so it is going up very quickly. Under the current Tree Clearing Laws introduced by Liberal Premier Campbell Newman apparently 75% to 80% of trees can be cleared. Permission is suppose to be seeked but this rarely happens.
Last year Global Deforestation hotspots were listed and Queensland was the only part of a so called Developed Country to be included in this list. Shameful ! The laws that were in place before Campbell Newman changed them were strong. The current QLD Labor Government have tried to change the laws back but the LNP and Katter party voted against it. They are going to vote on it again later this year so we need to voice our complete disapproval of such disastrous destruction of our forests and trees and the wildlife that goes with it not to mention the oxygen the trees create for every living being to breathe ! I am dumbfounded as to how short sighted and ignorant some of our Politicians can be.
We need some radical action from the Labor Government to put a stop to this decline in population before Koalas become extinct. By formally declaring them as endangered in south-east Queensland it will show the public just how bad it is. There also needs to be a moratorium on tree clearing any where near Koala habitat and beyond for the sake of other wildlife. Strong Environmental Laws need to be implemented to save these iconic creatures from extinction ! If we don't have strong protection for our special environments what will be left for the future ?

No trees................... No Koalas ......................No Humans !

If we were to condense planet Earths life time ( about 4 billion years ) down into a 24 hour period then we Humans have been here for a mere 3 seconds, now just take some time to think about the damage and destruction we have caused in just 3 seconds. Mind boggling isn’t it ?

Please sign this petition and stand in solidarity with me against these unsustainable short sighted environmental laws !

Thank you !
Live simply so others can simply live !

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